Italian Pepper Sauce

Our garden fresh, spicy sauce is chunky with delicious bites of banana peppers, red onion, garlic and other rich tastes of Sicily.


The Mediterranean spices in the mushrooms combine with garlic, onions, sweet bell peppers, and vinegar making it a favorite appetizer.

Best Damn Mustard

Our spicy mustard has an awesome rich flavor of banana pepper making it a unique compliment for many dishes. It is gluten free and vegan.  IT also has the best-in-class CSA seal for your confidence in the purity of our gourmet foods high standards.

Mom&Me Wines

mom&me® announces two new wines “Sexy Red Blend” and “Wild and White”.


Gluten_free_SVG small

All of our gourmet foods carry the prestigious Celiac Support Association Seal of Recognition (CSA). This seal is recognized worldwide and signifies our practices in product, process, and packaging of gourmet health foods are "Free of WBR and Common Oats" - Gluten-Free! The CSA Seal has the strictest standards out of any other U.S. gluten-free certification programs.

Introducing our Corporate Gifts

A variety of gifts and subscription options will be available soon