Summer Vegtables

Summer Vegtables

Fresh extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt
Fresh ground black pepper
1 small clove of fresh garlic (crushed)
1 fresh red onion (julienned)
5 tender yellow summer squash (julienned)
1 large tomato red but not over ripe (diced)




1. In a small skillet over medium heat, place two table spoons of the extra olive oil, crushed garlic, and red onion… Let cook till garlic is translucent.

2. Next place the summer squash in the skillet then after stirring the squash so the oil coats all of the squash and season with the sea salt and ground pepper to taste.

3. After cooking the squash so it’s tender now place the diced tomato in the skillet and stir mixing all ingredients.

4. Cook another few minutes till the all the tomato is cooked and serve.

5. Check for seasoning and add salt to taste to bring out the fresh flavors of the squash and tomato.