mom&me® is now offering exclusive gift items to accompany our gourmet foods and wines.  Order any of the below items here.

  • Wooden mom&me® Gourmet Wine Crates

    Wooden mom&me® wine crates are not only attractive to decorate with, but make a stunning gift presentation for a love one or client. Hand crafted, solid birch with removable wine racks. $125.00 Each. Shipping & handling separate. Wine not included. 10% discount with any purchase of wine.

  • mom&me® Wood Food Gift Boxes

    Hand crafted, solid pine wood boxes embossed with the mom&me® logo. These limited edition, commemorative boxes hold three jars of our mom&me® food products. $45.00 Each box. Shipping and handling separate. Food Not included.

  • Special Occassion Designer cardboard shipping boxes

    These high quality shipping boxes are $10.00. The boxes are designed to hold one jar of ``Best Damn Mustard``, ``Premium Italian Pepper Sauce`` and ``Mediterranean Mushroom`` but you can mix and match to your taste with the exception of having one jar of ``Best Damn Mustard``.

  • mom&mefoods® Wine Stoppers

    $8.00 each and available in clear, blush and red.